Should an undercover blow his cover?

Everyone is debating whether or not the undercover Police Officer who was riding along with the bikers during the SUV attack the other day should have blown his cover to help the driver.

More specifically, today on “The View”, Jenny McCarthy repeatedly insisted that the undercover should have blown his cover.

I like Jenny McCarthy but my response to that is, HELL NO!

I will add that my opinion is semi-biased as my father is a Police Officer. I think it is easy for people to say what “should have” happened when they didn’t spend their life waiting for a family member to come home safe from work safe every night growing up.

I think people forget sometimes that Police Officers are’t invincible super-humans. Police Officers who put their lives on the line every day, especially the ones who are undercover, have families waiting for them at home–worrying. On top of that, every undercover Officer knows that a blown cover is not only dangerous for themselves. It also puts their family in danger.

If that same Police Officer would have stepped in and ended up dead, do you think that his family would have felt better because people in the media such as Jenny McCarthy approve?

Like I said before…



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